Wireless Fire Detection Systems

Today’s wireless fire alarm systems use the most up-to-date radio technology on the market to deliver immediate, yet affordable solutions, along with minimal disruption towards the building and surroundings.

Systems can be completely wire-free or have a combination of both wired and non-wired to provide a hybrid functionality along with an excellent choice of field devices.

Cost-effective alternative to expensive Waking Watch

When installed as a temporary solution while cladding issues are resolved, wireless fire detection systems provide a safe and more cost-effective fire safety alternative to Waking Watch.

These systems can be planned and installed in days, not months, covering all parts of the building and offering total protection and peace of mind to residents.

A permanent installation offers the added benefit of meeting new requirements for detectors and sounders to be installed in each residential unit, and will continue to fulfil this function even after the cladding issue is resolved.

Once the dangerous cladding has been removed, the best commercial wireless systems, can be easily modified to a BS5839 active fire protection system or a BS8629 evacuation system afterwards or dedicated to other scopes.

Without having to rewire, the wireless products can be easily moved to expand or modify the system. The wireless devices can be converted to a BS8629 compliant evacuation system by simply removing all fire detectors, including sounders in common areas and swapping the control panel for an evacuation panel, with no need for additional cabling or infrastructure.

How do Wireless Fire Detection Systems work?

A wireless fire detection system works in the same as a normal hard-wired system in as much that you have fire alarm control panel, smoke or heat detectors, manual call points and electronic sounders; activation of a detector or manual call point will activate the sounders.

The only difference between the wireless and wired system is with a wireless system the communication between the control panel and the detection and sounders is carried out over radio waves, but with a wired system, it is via electrically conductive cables.

Wireless fire detection systems are ideal for situations where rewiring a building isn’t an option. The sounder and call point units can be battery-powered, allowing them to be used in locations where a viable power point is not available. 

Wireless fire alarms broadcast their signals on encrypted channels, which are reliable and closed to any interference. The range of the units varies according to needs and we offer repeater units and extension aerials that extend the signal range, allowing you to cover any size of property. Many of the call points and audio visual units are waterproof, which, combined with the lack of need for wiring, makes wireless alarm systems ideal for outside usage.


Minimal damage to building fabric

No unsightly cables or containment on display

Minimal disruption to your business during the installation

No additional cost for decoration on completion of the installation

Easy to amend layout of equipment if the building changes

Easily retrofitted to an existing fire system without any need to replace the existing wired components

A hybrid option is available to extend a hard-wired fire alarm with wireless equipment

Ideal solution for buildings with Asbestos issues

Our Experience

FAFS Fire & Security has successfully installed numerous fire detection and alarm systems within high rise residential buildings utilising wireless technology to reduce the amount of time and disturbance required to install the system. 

We can help you choose the correct fire detection & alarm solution for your building by explaining the differences between each system type, to ensure you are well informed to be able to offer the maximum protection for the residents.

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