Water Mist Systems

Water mist systems offer an alternative fire fighting solution to a sprinkler system.  Extensively tested and using the very latest technology, water mist systems are installed in the same way as sprinkler system. The main difference between a sprinkler system and a watermist suppression system is a watermist system discharges less water.

In the event of a fire, the micron sized water droplets remove the heat and displace oxygen from the affected area, resulting in the fire being extinguished.  The mist lowers the temperature, lessens the radiated heat and reduces the oxygen concentration to the extent that combustion can no longer be maintained.

This not only results in a much faster rate at which the water absorbs the heat, but also minimises the damage cause to the surroundings.

The average water mist droplet has a total surface area at least 100 times greater than the volume of water from a sprinkler system, meaning more effective suppression.

Sprinklers require a large tank or even pumphouse due to the large volume of water they use, whereas you can use a cylinder or small standalone tank for watermist.

Water mist enables ‘smoke washing’, whereby the smoke particles attach to the droplets and fall to the floor, eliminating the spread of smoke throughout the building.

Low water consumption
No chemicals used
No risk of asphyxiation as with gas fire suppression
Minimal damage to property and surroundings
Environmentally friendly
Easy to retrofit
Low cost reinstatement after system discharge
Low maintenance costs
Corrosion resistant components
Environmentally sound

Water Mist Systems
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