Fire sprinkler systems

Sprinklers save lives

In the event that a fire cannot be prevented an automatic fire sprinkler system is designed to extinguish flames quickly and effectively preventing potential disasters.

While historically sprinkler systems have only been present in large premises, smaller commercial and even residential sites are now utilising this active solution as a cost effective and dependable fire safety solution.

We offer a complete solution, from initial design and installation through to ongoing maintenance of fire sprinkler systems.


Dry and Wet Risers are installed to ensure the availability of large quantities of water to the Emergency Services when attending to a fire in a building over 18 metres in height.

To ensure the effectiveness of this solution, Risers must be tested annually to ensure the system is sufficiently pressurised to deliver the water when needed.

Ensuring that the Riser system for your building is in good working order is a legal requirement and there are severe penalties should your Riser not work when it is needed.

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