Restaurant Fire Suppression

Taking the Heat out of the Kitchen

Commercial Kitchens utilise high temperature cooking oils, slow cooking appliances and deep-fat fryers all of which represent a difficult and unique challenge to maintaining a safe working environment and compliance to Health and Safety legislation.

Restaurant suppression systems are fixed extinguishing systems designed to quickly detect and suppress kitchen fires using advanced extinguishing agents specifically designed to effectively combat kitchen fires and limit damage so that the operation of the kitchen can be quickly reinstated once the fire has been safely extinguished.

We design, install, commission and maintain kitchen suppression systems in a large number of commercial kitchens throughout the UK.

Utilising our certified R102 Ansul Agent partner, we recognise Ansul kitchen suppression systems as the worldwide number 1 protector of today’s commercial kitchens.

The application of Ansul fire suppression systems can ensure a far safer working environment for kitchen staff and can significantly reduce the insurance costs of industrial and commercial kitchens through the automatic detection and extinguishing of canopy and range fires.

To ensure system functionality and compliance to British and European Standards, Biannual maintenance visits are required.

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