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Gas Suppression Systems

Fire suppression systems extinguish electrical fires by releasing a concentration of gas within a particular room, removing the oxygen and extinguishing the fire.

Most commonly found in server rooms, computer suites and communication rooms a Gas Suppression system protects the integral functions of your business.

We install, maintain and service all types of fire suppression systems:

Novec 1230: A colourless gas, virtually odourless and non-conductive. It extinguishes fire mainly through physical means.

INERT IG-55: A blend of Argon and Nitrogen which is found naturally in the atmosphere. It does not contribute to global warming and does not harm the ozone layer. It is highly recommended for the protection of electrical and electronic materials.

CO²: Characterised by its rapid and efficient penetration in the area to be protected, it does not generate residue or decompose products.

Water Mist: Some systems use water mist as part of the new generation of clean extinguishing agents.

Areas protected by fire suppression systems should, upon commissioning and regularly throughout the system life cycle, be tested for air tightness as air-leakage will result in the concentration of the fire suppressant agent falling too quickly and therefore not enabling the efficient extinguishing of the fire. These annual checks are known as Room Integrity Tests.

BS EN 15004-10
BS EN 15004-9
BS EN 15004-8
Gas extinguishing systems

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