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The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires that any commercial premises with more than 5 occupants, whether an office, shop, hotel, healthcare facility or shared accommodation etc. must ensure that a thorough Fire Risk Assessment has been carried out by a Competent Person and is reviewed at regular intervals. The Order has been rigorously enforced since 2006, with large fines and potential imprisonment imposed on the Responsible Persons for significant breaches.

As a business owner, employer, landlord, or individual who maintains control of the property, you are the “Responsible Person” and are ultimately accountable for the fire safety of that premises and the individuals within it.

Whether you have an existing Fire Risk Assessment in place and require a review or you need an initial assessment undertaking by a competent and qualified professional, we have the resource and experience in place to support you.

Our Solution

In order to comply with this order, FAFS Fire & Security can provide a comprehensive Fire Risk Assessment solution designed to identify and reduce your risk of fire. Our highly qualified and experienced Fire Risk Assessors are experienced in identifying and addressing the needs of all users of your premises and providing advice about how you can comply with all relevant legislation.

We use RiskBase, a web-based platform, to tailor each assessment to respond to the unique characteristics and requirements of your site and provide a traceable resolution for each identified risk.



Our Fire Risk Assessors are
experienced and trained to
identify potential fire hazards
and any person who
is at risk of a fire


Should a hazard be identified
our Assessors will utilise the
RiskBase software to provide
detailed photographic


The Assessor will propose a
resolution to the issue and
determine a timescale that will
be tracked by RiskBase until


An electronic copy of the
assessment will be provided
and our Assessors will work
with you to generate solutions
to any issues raised

Our Competence

As an assurance to you FAFS Fire & Security utilises a BAFE Life Safety Fire Risk Assessment SP205 registered company. This Scheme has been developed by industry experts to help you identify who can support you in fulfilling the requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

The Scheme ensures that our partners have the required technical and quality management capabilities and qualified Assessors to provide a compliant Fire Risk Assessment solution.


Qualified assessors
Independent validator

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