Evacuation Alert Systems

Introduced following recommendations in the Grenfell Tower Enquiry Phase 1 report, EACIE (Evacuation Alert Control & Indicating Equipment) is intended for the sole use of the fire and rescue service during firefighting and rescue operations.

Evacuation alert systems are designed to help enable the phased evacuation of an area, floor or building in the safest possible way.

EACIE is now strongly recommended in England for all tall buildings containing flats with a storey located at a height of 18 metres or more – and is mandatory in Scotland.

The EACIE must operate completely independently of fire detection systems and be designed to support any evacuation strategy chosen by the fire and rescue service.

What’s the difference between a Fire Alarm System and an Evacuation Alert System?

Fire alarm systems will normally detect smoke and heat and then trigger an alarm signal automatically to alert the occupants to evacuate the building. Evacuation alert systems are for use by the fire and rescue service only when the need arises to evacuate all or part of a building normally in stages, saving time in alerting occupants individually.

The alarm system on an emergency evacuation alert system can be controlled by individual floors. This lets Fire & Rescue Services prioritise the zones closest to the fire and isolate the alarm alert so they can evacuate one floor at a time. The Evacuation Alert system does not incorporate any form of automatic detection.

They provide an extra degree of assurance should evacuation be necessary and ensure the signal to leave can be effectively communicated to all within the building.


Following a thorough development process in conjunction with the fire safety industry and the Fire and Rescue Service, the BAFE SP207 Scheme was launched in October 2020 to help ensure those living in high-rise buildings can be safely evacuated by the emergency services in the event of a fire.

Supporting British Standard BS 8629:2019 (Evacuation Alert Systems for use by fire and rescue services in buildings containing flats), the BAFE SP207 Scheme document covers demonstrating quality evidence of competency for the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of evacuation alert systems.

Certification under this scheme means our customers and the relevant enforcing authorities, e.g. the Fire Authority and Building Control, can be confident that systems are adequately installed, fit for purpose and properly maintained, such that if needed in earnest by the Fire & Rescue Service they can be relied on to function correctly.

FAFS Fire & Security is proud to be accredited by this independent registration body. Third Party Certification is the best assurance of quality when looking for a provider to help meet your fire safety requirements.

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Emergency Evacuation Alert Systems
EACIE (Evacuation Alert Control & Indicating Equipment)
BS 8629:2019

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