Our Customer Charter explains what you can expect from FAFS Fire & Security

Our Purpose

To be your expert and trusted advisor in Fire Protection Solutions and Security Systems. Delivering innovative solutions and a world class service.

Our Mission

To protect what matters, people, property and peace of mind.

Our Vision

Engaged Employees
Delighted Customers
Safe and Secure Environments

Our Promise

FAFS Customer Charter - Competence FAFS Customer Charter - Compliance FAFS Customer Charter - Focused FAFS Customer Charter - Responsive

FAFS Customer Charter - Pride FAFS Customer Charter - Specific FAFS Customer Charter - Improvement FAFS Customer Charter - Transparent

Your Assurance

If we do not deliver on our promise please email the Customer Support Team or complete and submit our Customer Feedback Form.

Your enquiry will be acknowledged immediately and we promise to investigate and resolve your issue within 5 business days.

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